Shrek The Musical Critique

Shrek: The Musical



“It’s a big bright beautiful world,with happiness all around ”especially when you go see Shrek The Musical Directed by Mr. Dunlop at the our local high schools theatre. Shrek the musical is just like the Dreamworks movie but with music which  makes it 100 times better. The Acting/Singing, Props/Costumes, and Sound/Lighting made Shrek The Musical an amazing performance.


The Acting and Singing in the musical was phenomenal. I really loved how all the songs had humour  in them  like What’s Up Duloc, Big Bright Beautiful World and I Know It’s Today. The actors who played the main characters were amazing there was Mr. Colasanti who was Shrek, Donkey who was played by Ms. Dzieciol, Fiona who was Ms. Baggio and Ms. Stefina my favourite character was Lord Farquaad who was played by Mr. Duenas. I heard a lot of negative comments about how donkey a boy was played by a girl and how it showed homosexuality and messed up that whole character. I disagree with all those comments  because Anna Dzieciol was phenomenal as Donkey she obviously deserved that part and was the best actor for that role. The students at our local high school performed the songs extremely well and they put on an amazing show.


The Props and Costumes in the musical were just amazing it was hard to believe that a group of high school students made all of the props and costumes. Some of the props they made blew my mind such as Gingey they made the mouth move it looked it extremely realistic. One of the props I really loved was the dragon it looked so cool it was unfortunate that the arm fell off but they handled it very well. The main characters costumes were amazing I really like how they did Shrek’s costume it looked very realistic, I also loved Fiona’s costume and how as she grew older the dress changed. I was not a huge fan of the ears on Donkey’s Costume but Anna made up for it with her amazing acting. The most impressive costume in my opinion would definitely be Lord Farquaad’s  costume. We all know that Lord Farquaad is extremely short  so Ferlenn was on his knees the whole play the cape was bulky enough so that you could not see his feet. I loved the set pieces they used for the play when the set changed I could tell where they were and was not confused. My favourite set piece would have to be Fiona’s castle it was so beautiful and convenient for the actors to go in the front of the piece without being noticed.


 The Sound and Lighting for the musical was good in my opinion I did notice a few mistakes but there is always some mistake in any play/musical. I really liked how the lighting gave sort of an emotion to each setting when they were in Lord Farquaad’s castle they had deep blue lighting which gave me an deep dark feeling. At the castle where Fiona was rescued they used a red light which gave off an angry vibe. In the swamp the used a bright green light and looked very beautiful and gave off a nature feel. The sound was fairly good when the actors were singing you could hear them fairly well. I could always hear what the actors were saying they never mumbled or talk too fast which a lot of actors do.The only issue I had with the sound was when there would be sound effect there was a white noise/hiss before it came on.

The Acting/Singing, Props/Costumes and Sound/Lighting made Shrek The Musical a Phenomenal musical I would definitely watch the musical again and again. The local high shcools Students and Staff put on an amazing production which showed all of the hard work put into it. I cannot believe that a High School put on such an amazing musical. I would rate this musical  five stars out of five stars in a heartbeat. If you ever want to kill some time I believe the best way is to go watch Shrek: The Musical.

Natural Phenomenon

I have never really experienced a natural phenomenon myself but I know a person who has my Moms friends daughter went to Haiti when the earthquake there happened. Luckily she was not injured but she did witness many peoples life being taken away from them and witnessed many people getting injured.

When I was about 5 my family went to Florida and there was a tornado at a trailer park near where we were staying and I was extremely worried and scared that where we were staying was going to get destroyed but that did not. PHEW !!!!!




Okay so I want to know what all of your New Years resolutions are…. Mine is to stay true to myself, be honest, follow my heart and do what is right!! 😇😇😇

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I would like to thank all the people who visit my blog but you all know about me from my posts and I would like to learn something about you !!!! Leave a comment telling me all about you so I can learn about my visitors!!!

My Year Review Video

What was the most world changing event of 2013?

I think there are 3 world changing events of the year 2013, the first one would be the Boston Marathon bombing because many lives were taken and many were injured terribly and the survivors are emotionally scared for life. Another world changing event is the Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines many countries are trying to help out with this natural disaster to help the victims of the typhoon . The Newest event was Nelson Mandela’s death on December 5 2013 if affected many people especially the people in South Africa because he stood up  for the black people of South Africa  and many countries will definatly miss his  courage. Most  of the world changing events aren’t positive but negative I think this because  negative things that happen are more what people make big deals out of.

Week 10- Auditing your Blog

How many posts did you write? I wrote 26 posts so far (not including this one)

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? 14 non-school based and 10 school based ones.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?  20

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?  The post that I received the most comments on was One Directions’s New Music Video. I think this because it was a post based on my interests and a lot of people like One Direction.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? My favorite post that I wrote was the  Best Post Ever. It is my favorite post because it was really fun to make because I attached a comic to it and also it was literally  my best post ever.

 Did you change blog themes at all and why?  I didn’t change any blog themes because as soon as I saw my blog theme I instantly fell in love with it.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too much or not enough? I have 13 widgets but there is only 7 that were not included in my blog theme which is just the right amount and they fall perfectly on my sidebars!

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have 79 overseas visitors on my blog ( not including Canadians) The neatest country I got a visit from was Singapore because I had never heard of it before.







Image Source: Singapore Flag

My favourite song!!!

Okay so my new favorite song besides the story of my life is Brave by Sara Bareilles. Did you notice that it kind of sounds like Roar by Katy Perry watch the video and tell me what you think.


Week 9- Part B


I nominate Mariah’s Blog for  1. Best individual blog. I visit it because she has really good language that she uses in her posts.  She also is very creative with her posts!

I really love her background it is very unique and creative , she does not have a lot of widgets which makes it easier to focus on her posts.

I also love her blog because her posts always include pictures, her blog has an extremely nice layout which makes it look 10 times better!