Week Nine- Part A

And Then It Happened

Chapter One – A Full Moon Alyssa

One beautiful august evening, Emma , Julia, and I decided to have a pool party at my house since I was the only one who had a pool.We started to set up lawn chairs on the pool deck, and get the pool toys out. Emma started to clean the pool when she noticed a dead mouse fell into it and was floating on the top. She screamed “ THERE’S A DEAD MOUSE IN THE POOL!!!” and ran around like a freak for for five minutes. Me being the brave one took over her job and saved the day! All of our friends started to come with their swim gear.

We just finished supper and my Mom had brought out ice cream followed by sprinkles and other ice cream toppings. Emma, Julia, and I had already finished our Ice cream sundaes and wanted to do something fun. My Mom said that we couldn’t go swimming because everyone else was still eating and it would be rude. So, we decided to go on the trampoline. We all thought it was a great idea and I forgot that my swimsuit bottoms were just a little too big for me.

Emma came up with the idea to see who could jump the highest. Julia was winning, I was in second and Emma was last. It was my last turn. I jumped with all my might trying to come in first place AND THEN IT HAPPENED ……my swimsuit bottoms fell right down to my ankles! Emma and Julia stood there in shock, I was also standing there shocked , embarrassed , red faced and my bottom half was completely naked.

As soon as I could move after being so shocked I immediately pulled up my swimsuit bottoms and then I turned around and saw everyone sitting at the table facing me with their mouths wide open. I think a lot of my friends were horrified that they had just all seen my bare naked butt.To this day I buy my swimsuit bottoms one size smaller than my top.

4 thoughts on “Week Nine- Part A

  1. G’day Alyssa,
    Love your narrative. Lots of humour and presenting a way of solving an embarrassing moment in front of friends. Also like the way you have shown it using a comic strip as well. Great job, I’ll be adding this to the September magazine.

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